BUBBLEDOG'S Scratch 'n Sniff Sticker Collection

Trend Enterprises scratch 'n sniff stickers were probably the most popular of the early eighties.  Almost anyone currently in their twenty through thirties will most likely remember these stickers.  Trend marketed their one and a quarter inch round stickers under the trademark Stinky Stickers.  By 1984, Trend had a collection of 104 scents available.  The following scans include all 104 of those scents in addition to their proper scent name as stated on the Trend Stinky Stickers Checklist printed in 1984.  Initial printings of these stickers did not have a copyright mark, so don't worry if you have a sticker without a copyright... it's not a bootleg! 

apple banana bandage blueberry bone boot bubble gum candy mint caramel apple cave cherry
 cherry cherry punch chocolate chocolate cherry chocolate chip chocolate cookie cinnamon cinnamon roll coconut cola computer
crab dill pickle egg custard evergreen flower french fry fried chicken fruit pie grape grape jelly green lawn
gumballs ham hamburger holiday cheer honey hot cocoa hot dog hot fudge jellybean juicy apple ketchup
leather leaves lemon lemon juice licorice licorice stick lollipop milk shake mint ice cream new car ocean
old shoe onion orange orange candy pancakes party time peach peanut peanut butter pear peppermint
pep.mint candy phone pigskin pilgrim pine pineapple pizza plum popcorn pretzel printout
rainbow raisin bread raspberry root beer rope rubber tire salami skunk soap soda space
spaghetti spearmint spice star strawberry sweet clover sweet corn sweet treat taco tomato toothpaste
  vanilla walnut watermelon whipped cream wood banana bubble gum gingerbread licorice peanut rose  

Trend printed awards to accompany many of their Stinky Stickers.


These six Trend scratch and sniff stickers were printed early on in Trend's scratch and sniff production history.  These stickers were only available without the Trend copyright mark and were sold on sheets of 10 stickers rather than 12 stickers.



Stinky sticker packs were appeared in many different formats. Packs consisted of anywhere from one to 20+ sheets.


Trend Enterprises also produced larger scratch 'n sniff stickers that were available from the roll.  These stickers were made in a variety of scents and each sticker was a different animal: raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, mice, frog, pigs, and cats.  One set of Christmas stickers was also produced in this format.

apple canteloupe violet
acorn blueberry gardenia

bouquet clover daisy cherry peanut petunia egg nog evergreen gingerbread
dandelion lilac vegetables spring rain strawberry walnut peppermint pine snow
clover cream grass dill pickle lilypad orangeade carnation lilac onion
mint violet yarn pepperoni strawberry taco pepper rose soap

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