BUBBLEDOG'S Scratch 'n Sniff Sticker Collection

Spindex produced many sticker lines in the early 1980's. The first line consisted of sheets with eight rectangular stickers.  These stickers were called Sticker Factory Stickers and featured playful food characters..  There may be more scents, but there is a confirmed list of 9 scents so far.

Spindex Sticker Factory packs consisted of one sheet of eight different rectangular stickers.

banana bubble gum candy apple
chocolate grape pickle

peppermint root beer strawberry


Under the brand Sniff 'N' Smile, Spindex produced a variety of scratch and sniff stickers.  This first group is similar to the Sticker Factory stickers in that they used the same style food characters.  These packs had 25 different die-cut stickers and each sheet was split up into two different scents. There may be more scents available.   

banana / cherry

bubble gum / onion chocolate / pineapple grape / lemon pickle / watermelon pizza / rose popcorn / strawberry

Spindex also produced other stickers under the Sticker Factory and Sniff'N' Smile brands.  These stickers don't look like the others, so I have listed them seperately here.  These packs vary from everyday to holiday purposes, single to multi scent packs, and eight to twenty sticker sheets.
bubble gum
candy cane
pine tree / candy cane
candy cane


The following packs of  Fabulous Flavors Scratch 'n Sniff stickers were made by Butterfly Originals in 1985.  Butterfly Originals was a part of the Spindex Corporation.  It is unknown how many varieties of this particular brand exist.  The six packs listed here could be the whole line.  Each pack has twenty five stickers and includes one sheet split into two different scents.
chocolate & peppermint
cola & cherry
grape & root beer
orange & cotton candy
pizza & tutti frutti
strawberry & licorice

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