BUBBLEDOG'S Scratch 'n Sniff Sticker Collection
Sandylion produced many sticker lines in the early 1980's including  a few varieties of scratch and sniff stickers. Like many other sticker companies, Sandylion created sniff stickers based mainly around anthropomorphic foods.This first line is known as the Stinky Gang and consists of 12 scents.  The pizza and watermelon stickers are very hard to find.

banana butterscotch candy cane chocolate cola dill pickle
gingerbread martini pizza pumpkin pie root beer watermelon


These Kromekote squares were first produced by Sandylion in 1983.  There are twelve different scents available.  They all seem to be pretty hard to find except for the jelly bean.
apple banana
bubble gum chocolate french fry jelly bean lemonade
licorice peanut pizza popcorn strawberry


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