Playing Pac-Man was an absolute staple for a child growing up in the 1980's.  This little yellow guy was so simple in design that the game was absolutely extraordinay.  I always saved my money to spend on Pac-Man at the arcade... and when Ms. Pac-Man debuted, I thought things would never get any better than that.  I was such a Pac-Man fan that I religiously watched the Saturday morning cartoon (which was terrible).  Here are a few highlights of items I still have from when I was younger or newly aquired Pac-Man treasures.


TOMY WIND-UPS: I am a big fan of all of the Tomy wind-up toys, but these Pac-man wind-ups are extra special.  After you wind them up, they "chomp" up and down as their feet run and appear to propel them along. The Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are fairly easy to come by, but the ghost is quite harder. I don't know if any other ghost colors are available.


COLORFORMS: In the eighties, there were Colorform playsets made for just about everything you could imagine.  This Pac-Man set will allow you to take Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Baby Pac-Man on a drive through Pac-Land.  There are a couple pieces and instructions missing from this set.

KNICKERBOCKER: A cuddly Pac-Man stuffed doll that comes complete with "Hungry For You" shirt and a little ghost in his mouth.  PVC FIGURES: There was a small set of Pac-Man pvc figurines made by Coleco in 1982.  I always thought these figures were U-G-L-Y, so I never finished collecting a set. 

TABLE TOP ARCADE GAME: I wanted all of these games as a kid, but only ever had one.   I found this Pac-Man mini tabletop arcade game at a garage sale a few years ago. As a kid, I actually had the Ms. Pac-Man game... I felt like I had my own arcade in my bedroom - I remember playing it under my covers when I was supposed to be sleeping.

FLEER PAC-MAN STICKERS: As a kid, I lived to collect these Fleer Pac-Man sticker cards.  I finally found the last two cards I needed about three years ago.  There are 54 cards in the set and they are each individually numbered.  A pack consisted of three stickers, three scratch-off game cards, and a stick of gum. 

The first edition stickers came in yellow packaging and looked like the 54 cards above. On the card backs, some of the cards have black text and others have blue.  From what I can tell, the black text card backs are much harder to find.



The second edition was sold in a wax-pack with a white background. These stickers have eyes (two different types) on Pac-Man as well as a red and blue outline around him. There is also a change on the back of the cards in the upper right hand corner. Below is a scan of a second edition pack, examples of the Pac-Man eye types, and a card back.


METAL LUNCHBOX: The Pac-Man lunchbox by Alladin industries was just one of my many childhood lunchboxes.  I always loved the way these old lunch boxes were produced with the raised designs. 

I will be taking more pictures and updating this site soon.